My focus in this blog is to provide free resources for anyone who teaches K-12 science and math.

I have a Ph.D. in Science Education. I taught science and math in public schools and science and math education in universities.

I try to find as many free resources as possible, because why pay when free resources are available. Resources which are available to anyone using the Internet, no illegal stuff.

My experience in writing is based on having published a physical book called “How to Weave the Web into K-8 Science” and Chapter 10 in the book “The Game of Science Education” edited by Jeff Weld. My chapter is called “Technology Transforms the Game of Science Teaching.” I also have several articles published in professional education journals. Additionally I have publsihed articles in The Science Teacher and Science Scope.

I am a Feature Writer for Suite 101 in Education Careers. I have published over 100 articles on Suite 101, with more on the way. I have published 18 articles published on EzineArticles.com and 6 articles on Helium.com.

My Science, Inquiry, and Technology website provides online resources for science and math teachers.

Besides this blog I have two other blogs called Freelance Writing and Continuing Education.

I am a retired University Science and Math Education Professor, Public School Science and Math Teacher, and US Navy Veteran.

I am currently in the Freelance writing business and doing pretty good so far, however I aspire to be better.

If you would like to contact me, my e-mail is “dwetzel at science-inquiry dot org”


All posts are designed to provide science and math educators with resources based on my personal experiences, online resources, and those recommended by others I know.

If you would like to re-publish any post, in whole or part, you are requested to provide appropriate citation as follows:

David R. Wetzel, Ph.D., “Name of Post,” Science, Math, and Technology Blog, https://scimathtech.wordpress.com, “Date of Post”

Enjoy my posts and if you have any comments, please let me know.

Have a great day,



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